G120: Rangers beat Royals, 5-3; 7 in a row

Not a whole lot to write about for this one. Ryan Drese labored a bit in the first inning, but settled down, and only allowed five hits and three runs over his 7+ innings of work to get the win – his 11th, and a career high. Almanzar and Cordero came on and didn’t allow any runs, but Cordero was a little shaky this outing; still got the save.
Offensively, we didn’t have much going on overall. We only had a total of four hits the entire game. However, THREE of them were home runs (one three run by Mench, and two solos by Dellucci), which accounted for all of our runs. One of Dellucci’s was a cool one into the fountain in right field.
We’ve won seven in a row, but aren’t making any progress, as the A’s and the Red Sox are winning as well.