G119: Rangers win 5-2 over Indians – 6 in a row

Six in a row. Two sweeps in a row. 4 games left till bald TV announcers. Although it’s not as big of a stretch for Tom Grieve. ;)
I was at the game with my wife last night, and we were in some really good seats (Sec 29, Row 15), which I got hooked up with from my ticket agent. We had a great front row (well, almost) seat to watch the 6th Ranger win in a row, and the second consecutive series sweep, as well. I figured coming into this game that we’d lose, because Kenny Rogers hasn’t been pitching well since the All-Star game. More though the fact that the Indians are a high powered offense, and had lost a couple in a row, including the absolute stomping we gave ’em on Tuesday. However, that was unfounded, as Kenny Rogers went 6, giving up two runs.
Offensively, we were powered by three home runs, that drove in all five. One by Dellucci, and then two by Blalock – one solo, one two run. And on a night when Blalock’s wife was in labor, Tom Grieve & Josh Lewin “called” both Blalock home runs, and the Hanks’ Homies were on the field with Hank before the game.. Was a great night for #9, that’s for sure! There was no movement in the standings as both the A’s & Red Sox won. However, it’s got to be great going out on the road behind 6 in a row, and two sweeps in a row.
Oh, and this morning on The Ticket, one of the guys (forget who) compared the Rangers to a cockroach – a great analogy. They just won’t go away!