G118: Rangers demolish Indians 16-4 for 5th in a row

Anyone who follows me and this site knows that I love baseball, and always love going to the ballpark to attend games. I go to a ton of them. By my count, I’m going to 34 games this season at the Ballpark (been to 25 already). Why is that important? Well, of all the games I am going to this year, I miss the history setting night – DAMMIT! :) Here’s a short list of some of the cool stuff that happened at Tuesday night’s game.

  • First win for Scott Erickson in a long time
  • It was Buck Showalter’s 700th win as a major league manager
  • Mike Young went 3 for 3 with a walk
  • We had 17 hits & 16 runs
  • All the starters had at least one hit
  • Four guys scored 3 times (M Young, Soriano, Teixeira, Mench)
  • Kevin Mench almost hit for the cycle

Oh yeah. Mark Teixeira hit for the cycle. It was a very cool moment – in the excitement of having 16 runs at the time, Tex’s pending cycle was something that kind of snuck up on me. Josh mentioned it on TV, but I didn’t pick up on it until it happened, so I had no kind of emotional buildup. It was definitely cool. Some quotes by Tex after the game said he didn’t want to show up the Indians being up 16-1 or something like that. I’m sure he could have done a curtain call for the fans, and the Indians probably wouldn’t have minded.
However, the best thing is that our offense seems to be getting back on track, and I’m not just talking about the explosion of this game. Overall, the “vibe” – at least to me feels to be like it’s coming back, although Blalock still hasn’t joined the party yet. This is good, as we’re coming into the home stretch, the time when we have to play well. The time when we play only AL West is coming up soon, and it’ll be a catfight till the end, I’m sure.
The game was actually more of a dominating performance than 16-4. It was 16-1 up until the ninth inning when Doug Brocail gave up three runs in the top of the 9th. That’s about the only real bad thing of the night.
One last thing about the first paragraph, and going to more games. It’s starting to look like the Dallas Cowboys are going to be moving to Arlington – or at least the real possibility exists. If that happens, it will make parking at the Ballpark hell for awhile as the location is supposed to be “next to the Ballpark”. Not to mention the hell it’ll be when there’s a Cowboys game and a Rangers game at the same time. I sure hope they improve the roads around there. Cowboy traffic is a nightmare. However, if they build the rumored Dart high speed train out in that direction, I won’t care, as I’ll be taking the train all the time.