G117: Rangers win 4th in a row, 5-2 over Indians

I didn’t get to watch very much of this game – my wife and I had company over last night, and the baseball game wasn’t on the agenda. When the company left, I was pretty tired, so I whizzed through the game in about 20 minutes on my TiVo. A nice comeback win. A few thoughts: Callaway looked a bit rusty in the first, but seemed to get it together. Perhaps he can be someone to help down the stretch. Goodness knows he can’t be any worse than all the kids we put out there.
Brian Jordan appears to be looking like he might be able to help as well. We’re not talking an OBP of .475 and a slugging of .850, but at least someone who won’t strike out every time.
No change in the standings as everyone around us in the division and the wild card won, too.
Anyone think if they get to 10 wins in a row Josh & Tom will shave their heads like was talked about on TV last night? ;)