G104: Rangers beat Detroit, 5-4

This game ended up well, but there were a few warning signs in it for me. First, the obvious one. Mike Young. He had to sit out with a problem with his back. As the local media outlets are saying, no one really knows when he’ll be back. Hopefully it’s today, but if it’s not today, that’s a bigger flashing red light to me. He’s been the person who has almost always been good for a hit or three a game. He’s also the only player for which we don’t have a realistic option. If we have to put him on the DL, it creates another problem, as none of the other 25 man roster guys are true Shortstops, so we’d probably have to move someone else at the same time. Not good.
The other problem was Kenny Rogers. He seems to pitch well, then give up or let the lead get away, which is what he did last night. We ended up getting the win, but Buck had taken Kenny out before an inning was over, so Kenny couldn’t get the win. He’s still pitching well, and god knows he still plays his defense (he had three great defensive plays last night), but something is starting to scare me there.
Offensively, Eric Young did really well, going 3 for 5 with an RBI (the GW RBI), and a run scored. He wasn’t tested much in the field at SS, but offensively he provided the spark we needed. We had two home runs – one from Teixeira and one from Mench. The one from Tex was a “true” Comerica Park HR, the Mench one would have been an out in their old park configuration. Either way, those coupled with the EY hit were enough to give us the win – our pen was it’s usual stellar self in holding up the back end.