G74: Rangers lose to Mariners, 4-3

No time to write commentary today.
Brett Carre: The fun in Seattle ends with a 4-3 loss on Tuesday. This was a game that was on the table, but we couldn’t pull it out. One of the few times this year that we couldn’t pull out one like this.
Benoit pitched decent tonight, but we gave up just too many tonight as we could only produce 3 runs tonight. Some people said tonight his future with the Rangers was on the line. I think he preformed well enough to stop talks about that until his next start!
On the offensive side we had chances but didn’t take advantage of them. This is a game I think we should have won, but Seattle got the big hit tonight by Aurilia, the two run homer with two outs in the 6th.
Kenny is on the mound tomorrow. Does that mean we can already put a check in the “W” column?