G73: Rangers homer their way to the win, 8-5

There’s no scorecard stuff from me. My brother called, and I didn’t get to start watching the game until 11:30PM. I did actually start scoring it, but after three innings I was falling asleep, so I gave up and watched the rest of the game in about 10 minutes in high speed scan on my TiVo. ;)
The Rangers hit five home runs in this game, including two in the first inning, and two overall by Hank Blalock. The offense was the star of this game by far. We also had home runs by Soriano, Mench, & Texieira. The HR accounted for 7 of the 8 runs we got.
It’s good we had offense, as Bierbrodt had nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true, he got the first two batters of the game out, but not much after that. He gave up 3 in his 1.2 innings. Ricardo Rodriguez went 3.2, and gave up a run, not too bad. Mahay, Francisco, Almanzar, & Cordero went a combined 3.2 innings and gave up just one more run. Cordero got his 23rd save.
It was almost all good. A nice start to the road trip.