G72: Ryan Drese loses to Roy Oswalt, 1-0

Ryan Drese pitched a complete game. He gave up one run, on a double play ball, so there was no RBI involved. He walked two, struck out four, and threw 114 pitches. He was sensational. He lost.
Roy Oswalt was absolutely untouchable. He gave up 4 hits over his 8 innings, and a play in the first inning pretty much summed it up. That was Beltran’s robbing of Mike Young’s home run ball over the center field wall in the first inning. After some theatrics on the catch, Beltran held in his hand the closest thing we had to a run all day. We had a triple by EY, a double by Rod Bajaras, but squat otherwise. Oswalt was absolutely dominating. Was amazing we got what we did, tell you the truth.
Sad part is that Ryan Drese lost the game, when he pitched well enough to win it on any other day. Don’t feel too bad about this loss, as we certainly got enough pitching, something we’ve lacked the last few years. We went 5-1 on the homestand, including 8 of the last 9 to take first place in the division, and as I write this on Sunday afternoon the A’s haven’t played yet, so we will head out on the road in sole possession of first. Whether it’s 1 game or 2, is up to the A’s tonight.
We won’t see another home game until Friday July 16th – 19 days from now.