G68: Rangers beat Mariners again 6-3

I did not score the game this evening – I spent most of the game hanging out behind section 5 with Hank’s Homies. ;) (click for pictures) Got there a little bit before the game started – and then I hung out there till the end of the fifth. It was fun hanging with the Homies. I mostly took pictures of them, as they didn’t have any, but the guys were cool. I got eye blacked up, and we had a blast. I had to leave as I was meeting someone else at the park, so I went and met him, and then went to my actual seat, which was in Sec 327. By that time I was really tired, and didn’t stand for the 7th inning stretch, as I had “stretched” all the game already. ;)
The game itself was great – although watching it from a different part of the park meant my perception of it was different, and I was having a hard time following the ball most of the time. The top of the lineup duo of Hank Blalock & Mike Young seem to be at it again, pushing across a run in the first. It actually stayed that way for awhile, with Bierbrodt and Franklin pitching well, making outs when they had to. Seattle tied the game in the top of the fifth, and took the lead in the sixth, but we stormed back with a 5 spot in the bottom of the sixth to put it away.
This game for me was less about the actual game than standing out in left shouting “Go Hank” and clapping my hands more than I can remember in quite awhile. :)
We’ve now won 5 in a row. We’re 10 games over 500 for the first time this season, and damn, it feels good to be thinking (even remotely) that the playoffs might be an option.
Brett Carre: Last night I actually went to this game. Me and my buddy thought it would be cool to head up there to catch the FIRST place Rangers.
If you are a Ranger fan it was a great game. We got off to a 1-0 as the dynamic duro did their deal. A Yougn double followed by a Blalock single. It stayed a pitchers dual between Ryan Franklin and Nick “Beer Braut” We trailed 2-1 going into the bottom of the 6th, but a 5 run inning turbed the tide as we took a 6-2 lead. It was nice to see us get 5 runs in one inning without a home run. It seems the last week or two all of our runs were coming via a home run.
Ahhh, first place. When the Rangers are in first it seems like the air is fresher, the food tastes better, and life is just a billion times better. Since we are in first I have come up with a phrase for this team to take on for the rest the year: “Get er Done!” Thats all I got.