G67: Rangers beat Mariners easily, 10-2

My wife and I got to the game much later than I normally do. I’m normally in my seat at 6PM for a 7PM game, I didn’t leave Garland until 6PM for this one. Got there just in time to see the first pitch ceremony, which was thrown out by a surprise – Geddy Lee and Alex Liefson of Rush. That was a cool surprise – they’re in town for a concert on Wed night.
As the game got started, I sat there thinking what a lot of folks are right now. It’s June 22nd, and the Rangers are in first place!! That was a nice feeling, and it must have translated to the field, as we got out early. We loaded up the bases in the bottom of the first, and Teixeira singled in a couple, and we never looked back. Ryan Drese pitched as well as I’d seen him this season. He did give up a longball to John Olerud, but bases empty – and there’s no shame in giving one up to Olerud.
Rod Barajas continued his power stroke, jacking his 10th of the season, more than tripling has career season high, and we’re not halfway through yet. That’s the third game in a row for Barajas with a HR. The team record is 5, set twice last season by Carl Everett & Arod. However, the big stamp of this game came in the 6th, when we put up a 6 spot, highlighted by a 3 run triple by Mike Young.
There was some great defense in this game, and some not so good (two errors by Soriano). Overall, was a nice game, the weather was nice, in the mid 70’s at the ballpark. For June 22nd, there was nothing wrong with this night at the game at all, especially the time it took to play. Started at 7:09, and ended at 9:27. Nice quick game. Hell, even the garlic fries were great!!