G65: Rangers win close one, 7-6

First off, the pitch counts on my own score stuff aren’t right. The reason is that the rain delay that happened in the middle of the game forced my recording to not have the entire game. I always bump baseball games by an extra hour, but that wasn’t enough – I got cut off I think after one out in the top of the 8th. I had to retro score the end of the game.
Too busy on Monday to really write a lot, but it was nice to see Cordero get another save. This was the game I full well expected to lose, I didn’t think we’d beat Dontrelle Willis, but we did. We also jacked a few home runs off of him (Mench, Barajas). Was a bit of a sloppy game, with 5 errors. Our two came on the same play – one of those plays you see in pee-wee baseball, with the ball being thrown all over the place, allowing everyone to score. Ugh.
Nice to come out on top, though.