Rangers and Red Sox rained out

Well, there were some seriously badass storms in the area tonight, and after a three and a half hour delay at the start of the game it was finally called somewhere around 10:30PM. The game will be made up tomorrow as part of a Twi-Night Doubleheader.
And that’s awesome for me, as I have a ticket for Saturday’s game anyway, so I’ll get two. And I just *LOVE* doubleheaders. I mean, big time I love doubleheaders. I’ll be out there, and lovin’ it!
Hell, if it were up to me, they’d still SCHEDULE doubleheaders (that hasn’t been done in 20+ years or so). Hell, let’s go back 100 years, and have a tripleheader.
I just hope one (or both) of the doubleheader games go extra innings!