ST3: Rangers lose to Royals, 10-7

“Rangers Baseball is on the air!”
Those are the words I wait to hear from the moment the last game is over during the season till now. The year 2004 has finally gotten started with baseball coming out of the speaker in my radio. Today was a great day outside. Nice weather, was doing some yardwork, and was washing my truck while the Rangers game was on. It was glorious! Eric & Vince er, Victor Rojas were on my radio, and that alone would have made the day great, even if the weather was terrible, which it wasn’t.
Anyway, a quick word about Victor. The fact that he’s visited my site has no bearing on my statement. He seemed OK to me. Certainly competent, but it’s damn near impossible to get a handle on the new guy after a single game. I will say this though – there was more than once where it sounded like Vince. I didn’t think from listening to the first game that his voice was a 180 degree turn from what we had before. Also, I kept listening for Mike Cramer’s “passion for the game”. That’s got absolutely zero to do with Victor, but that’s all I could think of when I listened to the first game.. “Cramer said the new guy has to have a passion for the game”.
About the game. Well, Chan Ho Park came out and pitched like Texas Chan Ho in the first inning, throwing a lot of pitches, giving up a run, and being somewhat ineffective. Then in innings two and three, he pitched lie L.A. Chan Ho. That was rather encouraging to see. Mike Bascik and Eric Sabel both got bombed, but Ryan Snare & Carlos Almanzar sounded good. Ron Mahay also pitched, and gave up a run.
“Leadfoot” Soriano gave up another error this game, his second in as many days. Is it too late to call the Mets back? :) However, the offensive start was Ramon Nivar, who went 3 for 4, scoring twice, and driving in one. He had the best numbers day offensively. Jason Tyner also went 2-3. We’re getting a bunch of offense so far, what with 26 runs in the first three games (as many as Oakland had in ONE game today). I know it’s spring, and I know things are in flux, and don’t count, bla, bla, bla. Was nice to see us score some runs. Was not nice to see us give up more runs.
There goes the perfect record in the spring. ;)
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