ST2: Rangers beat Royals, 10-5

Two in a row! Here we come playoffs! ;)
Will have more to say once I see a box score. Tony Pena can’t be happy about four errors by the Royals. I wonder if any of them were Garth Brooks. ;)
Several months after Juan Gonzalez didn’t help the Rangers by going to Kansas City, he finally does help the Rangers. Not quite as much, and it was only to the tune of three runs on a dropped ball error in the first inning, but hey – thanks Juan!
The box score showed something I didn’t like – two innings no runs by Ryan Drese. I’d really rather he go. Powell stunk up the joint (what a shock), as did Doug Brocail, which is odd, as Brocail got the win in the game. The Eraser had a good frame, as did Edwin Moreno (who I don’t know anything about). The box score looks like one of those that you look at it and go “Blech”, but when you actually look at the numbers, it’s not too bad.
Hank Blalock, Chad Allen, & Manny Alexander seemed to have the best offensive days, although with 10 hits and 10 runs, there’s some more to be spread around. One home run, by Alexander, who is likely not to be with the club come April.
One stolen base, by Jason Tyner. Actually when Tyner was with Tampa, I rather liked him. He’s not going to be the biggest of big name players, but there was just “something” I liked about him. Can’t put it into words, really one of those gut things. If things develop where he’s on the major league roster, I can’t say I’ll be disappointed. He’s not a #1, but a pretty worthy backup. Probably better than Doug Glanville was for us last year, I’d wager.
Still, nice to see a win. Those are always good, no matter when during the season they come.
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