ST1: Rangers beat Royals, 9-5

Spring Training Baseball is back! Again, it’s the kind of game where you have to sit on the scoreboard and just hit refresh, because it’s not on the radio, nor is it on an Internet broadcast, either. Still, it’s nice to have games going again. It’ll be better once I can hear them or see ’em. :)
Watching it on the scoreboard, I saw us give up a run in the top of the first right away, and that wasn’t fun, then we went down 2-0, but took the lead in the bottom of the fifth with a 3 spot. We then followed it in the sixth with a four spot, and finishing up with 2 in the bottom of the eighth for a 9-5 win.
Soriano started off well, going 1-3 with a stolen base, and two double plays in the field. He did have a called third strike on him at one point, but from what I can read had a solid Ranger debut. Herbert Perry was scratched, which isn’t a good sign, as reports going into the games say that he’s still not ready to play third base, after all this time. Fresh off his new contract, Hank Blalock hit a solo home run in the fifth, and Mike Young had no problems in his first game at shortstop.
Oh, and singer Garth Brooks stuck out against us. :) I’m sure we’ll see his strikeout on the local news tonight. :)
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