G162: Rangers shut out on season finale, 3-0

Well, the Rangers did get to play October baseball this year, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind we were looking for, it was just the final game in a very dismal season.
Ryan Glynn pitched like he was the ace of the staff yesterday. He went toe to toe with Oakland starter Tim Hudson, going a total of 7 innings, and giving up 2 runs on six hits. Two of the runs were in the final inning he pitched, when he seemed to be getting the ball up, Oakland hit two solo home runs. Other than that, he was masterful. Pitch count was good, he walked four, struck out four, and generally pitched awesome.
Problem was that Tim Hudson was even more awesome. With the division crown on the line, and going for his 20th win, Tim Hudson pitched like a CY Young winner. He went 8 innings, giving up no runs, striking out ten, and giving up only four hits. There were two walks, but one of them was intentional. Tim Hudson was totally awesome, and from the looks of yesterday’s game, he was a big part of the success the A’s have had this year.
My hat goes off to the A’s – they are worthy champs, and I hope they go further than we were able to in the last couple of years in the playoffs against the Yankees.
I did notice on the TV coverage that after the A’s had won, you didn’t hear anything from Tom Grieve anymore. I wonder if he was on the field or in the A’s clubhouse to congratulate his son or something. Again, I can’t express how glad I am it was the A’s that won the division, and not the Mariners. I don’t dislike the Mariners, but I like the A’s – great young team, great heart. Also, I’m from Philadelphia, so there’s that tie too (Although when I was born, they had already left for Kansas City).