G139: Sheldon plays all nine positions in 13-1 loss

Well, Rick Helling was the Rick Helling of last season tonight. Gave up a lot of home runs balls, and put us way behind 7-0 in the first inning, and then we were down 10-1 after two.
That set the stage for Scott Sheldon. Johnny Oates had been threatening to play Scott Sheldon in all 9 positions in a game this season, but the word was that it was going to be at home. However, with being blown out so early in this game, that let Johnny have some fun with the lineup.
Scott Sheldon came in during the fourth inning at catcher, and over the rest of the game, he moved all over the place, with the last two places he played being pitcher and third base. Scott even struck out the only batter he faced! :) Scott was the third person in history to do it, and is the FIRST player ever to do it in less than 9 innings (he did it in 5).
I couldn’t see the game, due to my long problems with my lame ass cable company, Optel. However, I probably would have tuned out anyway before Scott started his historic moves around the diamond. :)