G137: Rangers take close one from White Sox, 5-4

You know, with all the losses we’ve had lately, I actually game into Chicago wanting the Rangers to get swept. A few more wouldn’t make any difference now. Why? Lord knows I don’t want to help the Cleveland Indians by beating the White Sox. The Indians need to be out of the playoffs. They’re starting to become rather annoying just like the Yankees by winning all the time.
This is one more game I missed – I got called into work on an emergency situation when the game was on – I only got to see the start of the game, when we went down 2-0 early.
We called up four players from AAA Oklahoma who finished their season on Monday the 4th. The four are: catcher Randy Knorr, Darwin Cubillan, Kelly Dransfeldt, & old time Ranger Ruben Sierra. Will be interesting to see Sierra up in the bigs. I’ll have to make sure to watch the pre-game show Tue night, I’m sure there will be something on him.