G123: Yankees get revenge on Sikorski, we lose 12-3

Well, at the start of the game, Brian Sikorski looked like the same pitcher we had on the mound a few days ago in Arlington. Today in the Bronx, he was – for the start of the game, and that’s about it. He got bombed by the Bronx Bombers 12-3. It started out OK, and we even got off to a 1-0 lead (on a Raffy home run). However, the 2000 Rangers quickly reared their heads.
We committed two errors, allowed SIX unearned runs, and basically shot ourselves in the foot the entire game. I thought we had a chance at the start of the game, but that quickly went away. Actually, after the score got to 9-1, I had to stop listening, because this game was on during the day, and I was listening at work.
Good thing, as I didn’t miss anything.