G122: Rangers win on my birthday, 6-2

Doug Davis started this game, and based on his performance in the last few starts of his, I was expecting another problem. Well, this time, we didn’t get a problem, we got a really well pitched game from Davis. He pitched the first complete game win of the season for a Rangers pitcher – we had two complete games from Rogers, but they were 8 inning losses.
A complete game win – Quite frankly, at the start of the game, that’s what I felt we’d get pitched against us. Not that I’m a big fan of Jeff Fassero, but I was feeling the curse of the former Ranger pitcher pitching against us. However, we finally broke through that in the fifth inning, and took a 6-1 lead.
Of the two runs that Boston did get, only one was earned, so the line will really help Davis’ ERA. I’m really hoping that Davis can build on this, and do some other good stuff between now and the end of the year.