G118: Brian Sikorski dominates Yankees, we win 5-0

Of all the things I thought would happen this series, what happened this night is NOT what I ever expected to happen. When this game started, I was feeling pretty down on the Ranger rookie pitchers. I was starting to think “Oh god, there isn’t going to be any real help from the farm at all”. I was feeling pretty bad about our rookie pitchers.

Then comes Brian Sikorski. The man runs onto the mound and pitches an absolute gem. Is it beginner’s luck? Is it that the Yankees don’t know anything about him? I’m sure that has something to do with it. However, it’s always nice to see such an awesome performance by a kid making his first ever start in the majors. Going 7+ innings, giving up four hits, and no runs. You really can’t ask for better than that. It also saved us from being swept at home in a season by the Yankees in our entire club history! Gotta love that, too. :) It was very cool that he got a standing O when finally taken out of the game in the 8th. I loved that Sikorski came in, pitched well, and looked like he belonged there. He didn’t look frightened – but if his first start was in Yankee Stadium, that might have changed things.

However, Gabe Kapler’s hitting streak came to an end, unfortunately. Still, it was a great light in the recent darkness that is our season. I hope that it didn’t get to him so much that he goes back into his shell – he’s been awesome since the All Star break, and I hope it continues.