G115: Rangers drop finale to Red Sox, 4-2

This game lived up to my usual expectations for a Rangers / Red Sox game. Close game, where both teams had chances, and the final score wasn’t a 1990’s artificially inflated score. The final was 4-2. What was interesting about the scoring was that both teams scored all their runs at once. All the other innings were goose eggs – although the Rangers tried.
I saw the inning where Kenny Rogers gave up four runs. It was the top of the third. As usual, it seems that Kenny was just “this much away” from getting out of the inning and then it breaks open with something. This was the same. It didn’t really feel like an inning where he should have given up four runs. But he did. We managed to tack two of our own on in the fourth, but I didn’t see that.
The reason was that I was on the Jumbotron for the birthday announcements after the fifth inning. I left my seats in the top of the fourth to make sure I was there at the top of the fifth for the setup for that. If anyone was at the game, I was the guy with the small sized Pooh bear doll dressed in a small baseball outfit.
Anyway, the rest of the game was rather uneventful, with the sole exception of Gabe Kapler’s further extending his newly owned hitting streak record to 26. He got a standing ovation from what I could see. We had a shot of getting back into the game, as we had the bases loaded – but a pop out into the Red Sox dugout was caught by a falling Ed Sprague for the final out of the inning – and our final chance at some runs for this game.