G113: Rangers lose 7-3, Ryan Glynn passes out in dugout

Usually, when the Rangers play the Boston Red Sox, we have a great game. We win, or we lose, but we always seem to play a good game. Not tonight – this game was an exception to that rule. My wife and I love it when we play the Red Sox, as she can cheer for Nomar (she got into baseball in 1997, when Nomar was in his rookie season), and the overall good play we always seem to get when playing the Red Sox.
There wasn’t much to cheer about in this game. Especially when Ryan Glynn came out of the game. The next inning started, and someone was passed out on the ground. After seeing what happened with Larry Dierker last season, I wasn’t too thrilled at seeing it happen again – much less in our own dugout. The game was stopped, and since I have TiVo, I paused the action (gotta love that feature), and went and got my wife to check this out. We watched as they worked on Ryan in the dugout – and the one thing both of us had to say was this.. If he was passed out unconsious on the dugout floor, why on earth was everyone cramming around him? Wouldn’t giving him more space be better than crowding him? Yeesh. Anyway, he eventually got up off the floor, and was wheeled out on a wheelchair – they didn’t use the truck that had driven in from left field with a stretcher. It was a bad thing to see – I wouldn’t wish anything like that on my most disliked player (mostly Atlanta Braves), hope it all works out well for Ryan.
Anyway, the only really great thing that happened this game was Gabe Kapler tying Mickey Rivers‘ 20 year old Ranger record for 24 consecutive games with a hit. That’s a nice thing to do – hope he breaks it tomorrow night. This was by far the brightest spot of the night for the Rangers.