G110: Rangers shut out by Indians, 2-0

You know, after we loaded the bases the first time and didn’t score anything, I had a feeling that it probably would come back and haunt us. After the second time in two innings we loaded the bases and didn’t score, I was sure it would come back and haunt us. It did.
We got shut out by the Indians 2-0 in a game that Rick Helling really REALLY got screwed into a loss. He pitched probably the best, most dominating game I’ve seen him pitch probably all year, and he got nothing at all back from our team. For some reason, we always seem to pitch well in Cleveland, unfortunately, so did they tonight. This is one of those games you don’t mind losing, because it was a great game of baseball – but DAMMIT! We couldn’t push anything across.
The tag by Haselman in the 7th that was somewhat controversial looked to either be a tie or a good call by the ump in calling him safe. It was one of those calls that could really have gone both ways. Either side would have argued.
Some good did come out of this game. A wonderfully pitched game by Helling – Rusty Greer got his 1000th career hit – and Gabe Kapler extended his hitting streak to 21. The longest in the majors this year is 22, and the longest by a Ranger all time is 24. Just a couple more to go – that would be very cool, considering how poor his first half was hitting wise.