G97: Rangers lose game and Pudge, 6-5

This might very well be the worst Rangers game I’ve ever watched. Both from the loss standpoint and from the Pudge standpoint. I also felt that this game was a very good microcosm of the problems the Rangers have had the entire season.
I felt we had it won early, there was just a good vibe, even after the Pudge injury (which we didn’t know the severity of yet). It just felt good. Then Wetteland lost the save in the ninth, and I felt that we caught a break with the balk call in the 10th. Then it was reversed, and I just felt that we’d lose the game after that – we did. It was interesting to see Scott Sheldon in as catcher in the extra innings. He didn’t look all that bad out there, and almost gunned down a base stealer – was a pretty close play!
Plus Pudge being announced as being out for the season was just horrible. We’ve lost a lot of players for the entire season this year – and whatever thin thread the Rangers were still hanging on to this year was just cut. Start for next year. And make it work next year, as there may very well be another player’s strike after the 2001 season. :(