G92: Back to AL games; we still lose, 5-3

I didn’t get to see the game again due to the oft told incompetence of my cable company. I was so irritated, that I didn’t want to listen on the radio. I eventually did, and heard Gabe Kapler’s home run, and the rest onwards. Was nice to see the bullpen hold on to one after awhile. Gabe’s home run was the first in awhile, and the first one he’s hit (as a Ranger) that my wife and I didn’t witness with our own eyes. :) His new bald look must be doing something, as he’s batting something like .370 since the All-Star break, and has raised his batting average to .261.
Also, it seems that the Rangers made the right decision with the Scar Green / Jason McDonald choice a few weeks ago in keeping Scar. I’m hoping he can hold on beyond this year – I’ve always liked him for some reason – although his numbers have never set anyone on fire. The throw he made in the bottom of the ninth to win the game was awesome!