G89: Rangers lose to San Francisco, 6-4

Pac Bell Park looked great. Esteban Loaiza did not. That about sums it up. :)
I have to say, the one thing I wanted to see in this series was Barry Bonds hit a ball into the water outside the park. Well, I did see that, but it was a foul ball. I didn’t think the Rangers played all that bad this game – I liked Chad Curtis in this game (despite the bobble in the outfield), but our pitching gave it away again.
I’m really starting to think that if we keep Loaiza, it’ll be in the bullpen – but I’d be curious to see what his reaction to a permanent move to the pen would bring. Worked for Burkett – it might work for Loaiza, too.
This was David Segui’s 1000th game played in his career at first base. Because of that, he can now count in the all time first base stats, which moves him into second place all time in fielding, behind Steve Garvey.