G86: Rangers start 2nd half with 6-3 win over ARI

All through this game, I kept thinking to myself, I’m going to be writing about how Jay Bell did us in, and how we were outpitched by Brian Anderson. Well, that did happen, but something else amazing happened. We pulled off a giant comeback in the 9th inning against B.H. Kim. It’s so amazing that I’m not even going to write about it – I’ll just post the game log from the top of the 9th. :)
TEXAS 9TH: T Lee at first. Conti in right. Byung Hyun Kim relieved Brian Anderson. Greer walked. I Rodriguez struck out swinging. R Palmeiro hit by pitch, Greer to second. Catalanotto hit for Curtis. Catalanotto singled to shallow right, Greer scored, R Palmeiro to third. Segui hit for Kapler. Segui tripled to center, R Palmeiro and Catalanotto scored. Sc Green ran for Segui. Lamb intentionally walked. R Clayton struck out swinging. Da Martinez hit for Je Zimmerman. Da Martinez walked, Lamb to second. Alicea singled to right, Sc Green and Lamb scored, Da Martinez to third. Dan Plesac relieved Byung Hyun Kim. Greer flied out to center. (5 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors) TEXAS 6, ARIZONA 4.