G78: Rangers don’t keep it together, lose to M’s 6-3

I was right (see last game’s commentary). It didn’t last. We lost to the Mariners 6-3, although it wasn’t from a lack of trying. We had the usual offensive problems, leaving too many men on base, and in scoring position, no less.
Ryan Glynn started the game, and looked damn good, I thought. I’m glad he’s come up to the bigs this year, and has pitched great. However, a potential problem reared his head during the game – a blister (which they showed on TV) on one of the fingers on his pitching hand. He had to come out in the 4th, and that was bad for two reasons. First, Glynn was pitching well. Second, Mark Clark came in. After Clark’s appearance, I would tend to think that this is the final appearance for him this season – I think he’ll be released before the All-Star game in a week. That’s too bad, I really wanted him to succeed when he came here first, but he’s done nothing to warrant his salary. Bye Clark. Francisco Cordero didn’t pitch much better (actually, his line was worse).
This season really feels like 97 again. Even if we make the playoffs, I doubt we’d go anywhere – I say cut our losses and start prepping for next season now.
Gabe Kapler had a good night (about the only one), going 2 for 3, scoring two of the three runs we got (Pudge scored the other). Gabe’s average is now up over .250. That’s not really setting the world on fire, but it’s a helluva lot better than the .190 he had not all that long ago. I’m glad to see him coming around with the stick, and as well in the field, too.
After the game, Glynn was put on the 15 day DL to help him get rid of the blister for good. Doug Davis was called up to be a left hand reliever in the pen.