G100: Rangers trump Detroit 7-3

We’re now 3-0 in the Post Pudge Era. :) Gabe Kapler has also homered in the last four straight games, tying a club record – in addition to having a 10 game hitting streak. Looks like he’s finally come out of his shell.
Ryan Glynn looked pretty good – his only mistake was a home run ball served up to Juan Gonzalez. I kind of figured he’d hit at least one home run during this trip back – didn’t think it would be in the second at bat.
Speaking of that – Juan’s tip of the cap to the fans was pretty nice – I wasn’t sure what kind of reception he’d get – the TV guys said there were a few boos, but I didn’t hear ’em on TV. I’m going to Friday’s game, I wonder if the reaction will be the same.
Was the night of home run balls off your former club. Juan did it, as did Gabe Kapler & Bill Haselman. Raffy also joined in with a three run home run of his own to match Juan’s.
Surprisingly, the entire AL West lost besides us – we’ve made up three games on the Mariners in the last 3 days. I still don’t think we have a shot at doing anything, but it’s nice to see us not roll over and die after the Pudge injury.
There’s been a lot of talk in the press lately about bringing Juan back. Quite frankly, if we bring him back, I see it as at the expense of Gabe Kapler. If they can figure out a way to keep Kapler and bring back Juan, I’d be for it. Otherwise, I don’t want him back.