G67: Rangers back to losing again with 6-1 game

Our short winning streak of one game is over. :( I missed a lot of this game due to falling asleep on the couch from some medication my doctor has me on. Didn’t look like I missed much.
Rick Helling got burnt on a really bad throw by Luis Alicea leading to the four run inning the Devil Rays put up late to put the game away. Other than that, this really didn’t seem like all that bad of a game, despite the score. Rick only allowed two earned runs, but had to leave early because we were down 6-2. That’s too bad, as Rick has turned into “Mr. Lack of Run Support” this year. He could be up near 11 wins if it weren’t for the lack of run support. :(
Kapler went 1 for 3 – I’m really pulling for him to get his average up (he’s at 238 now). Pudge “only” went 1 for 4, and Rusty went 2 for 4. All coming along nicely.
Oh well, back home against the Twins. Let’s see if we can win any of those. (Grumble, Grumble)