G64: Rangers stink. Lose 10-1 to Orioles for 8th in a row.

With eight in a row in the loss column, it’s getting harder and harder to write about losing. If I were a paid sportswriter, I’d probably try harder, but since I’m just a fan doing it for the hell of it – it’s getting harder to write about a game where we lose 10-1, and quite frankly, didn’t seem to really show up at all.
The only thing that I thought was really good was the fact that Esteban Loaiza came out again after a 2 hour rain delay and pitched again, and was better than before the rain. Unfortunately, after he left, we gave up like 8 walks and a hit batter in two innings, including another grand slam to Albert Belle (he had one last night).
About the only good thing I have to say about last night’s game is that Gabe Kapler played hard, and is looking like he’s finally coming around – and that the two home runs Albert Belle hit raised $100,000 for prostate cancer research (according to the TV guys).
That’s about it.