G63: Sigh. Rangers lose 11-10 to Orioles

They say bad teams find a way to lose. I guess we must be a bad team, because we’ve lost 7 in a row, and lost the game last night 11-10. :(
This is one of those game that we just flat out should have won, and we blew it. About half way through this game, I started feeling like this was a repeat of the 97 season. On paper, we have a better team, but we never seem to find that one thing that binds everyone together and makes us play like a cohesive unit (can someone say Yankees?). Anyway, the loss saddens me, as we had a great night, a wonderful comeback, another awesome night from Pudge, and we pissed it away.
Pudge is about the only great thing to talk about from last night’s game, even though we scored 10 runs. No wait, Gabe Kapler had two doubles last night, and is starting to look like he’s finally coming around. Pudge had two doubles and a home run.
I just can’t get jazzed about writing about this game.