G60: Rangers lose to Rockies again, 12-6

This is much more like a Colorado Rockies home game. 12-6. I have to admit to paying more attention to the Dallas Stars game tonight, so I didn’t see a whole lot of this, but I did see the best parts for the Rangers – and that was not Esteban Loaiza. It seems like the crappy Esteban Loaiza has resurfaced again, unfortunately. :(
On the positive side, Pudge had his fourth multi home run game of the season so far. Also, Pudge hit home runs 20 & 21 tonight – he hit #20 & #21 last year on the same day – bit it happened on August 4th last year! Man – by the end of his career, Pudge should be hitting .800! :)
Anyway, new Ranger Dave Martinez made quite an impression with a home run and a double as well as two walks in his first game as a Ranger – that’s always nice to see. Gabe Kapler went 1 for 4 last night, and didn’t look like a slouch in his second game back from the DL.
Jason McDonald was designated for assignment – I’m surprised by that – I figured they’d designate Scarborough Green, although I’m glad they kept Green.