G57: Rangers shut down by Eric Gagne, lose 7-1 to LA

Well, as much as last night’s game was about Ryan Glynn, tonight’s game was about Eric Gagne. He shut down the Rangers with only a few hits, and when we had a chance, we couldn’t follow through.
The only good thing tonight was Pudge, who went 3 for 4 with a solo home run in the 8th for our only run. Most everyone else was silent. In fact only three Rangers had any hits at all – Pudge (3), Segui (2), & Raffy (1). That was it. Scarborough Green almost had his first major league home run, as he hit a ball, and it was called a HR. The fireworks went off, the music from the Natural played, and there was thunderous applause. However, about halfway through the trot, I saw the umps standing in the basepaths conferring, and I knew it would be taken away – it was. That was a shame, even if it really was a foul ball – it would have been nice.
I sat in one of two remaining places in the ballpark that I’d never sat in before. Far left field. I sat in Section 301 row 1. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t all that bad after the second inning. For the first two innings, I had to sit with my head down and my cap’s brim over the sun, as it was very sunny out there. But for $6, it wasn’t all that bad really – even though I missed seeing the out of town scoreboard. :)