G56: Ryan Glynn masterful; Rangers beat Dodgers, 2-0

Good lord – where was this Ryan Glynn hiding last season? This really doesn’t look like the same guy who was up here last year. Out dueling Kevin Brown – what an accomplishment. I really hope this is the Ryan Glynn that will continue to pitch for us. I’m sure Ryan’s performance last night will earn him a slightly longer look than was originally anticipated. He was supposed to come up just for this game, and go right back down. However, he was so good, you never know when he’ll show up again, which now my guess would be pretty quickly, especially if his next start at AAA is decent.
There really isn’t much to say about this one – Ryan Glynn took a no hitter into the 6th, and only gave up two hits over 8 innings pitched – totally masterful! Kevin Brown didn’t give up much, but what he gave up was enough to beat him.
The story of this game is by far and away Ryan Glynn. Don’t know what else to write about this one except this.. This was our first shutout of the season. We were the last American League club to throw one, and this was the shortest game of the season so far at 2:22.