G50: Rangers take out Tigers with 3-2 win

What an awesome game! Kenny Rogers is becoming this year’s version of “The Ranger starter who would have an awesome record if he had some decent run support”. I really felt this is the way this game was going to go last night. However, Kenny kept it to two runs, and won the game thanks to some longballs from Luis Alicea (!) and Rafael Palmeiro.
There was some awesome defense in the outfield by Detroit’s Bobby Higginson. He made one diving, rolling catch, and two others that he really had to haul to catch up to – in my opinion, the best player on the field last night. A nice, well pitched game on both sides, some great defense, and just enough offense to win the game. Couple that with a great looking ballpark, and you couldn’t ask for anything more (except maybe the pitching performance from Yankee Stadium on Sunday night ). Hope the remaining two games are equally as great as this one.
No Juan Gonzalez in this game – or anyone else from the Gonzalez trade on either team last night – that was a bit disappointing. I’m hoping that Juan plays when Detroit comes to Texas in late July. However, that’s the last series before the trade deadline, so if Detroit is going to ship Juan, we may not get to see him in a Tiger uniform.