G29: Rangers beat A’s with a large output again, 11-10

As I sit here on Sunday morning 30 minutes from today’s game, I’m finding it hard to figure out how to write about the game (as I burnt out on writing about this game yesterday), so I’ll write about what was around the game for me…
Two in a row! My head is spinning – because I was at both of these! I was walking out of the stadium last night, and I said to the friend I was with, “Last night, I used up all my wow stuff for the 17-16 game, how am I going to write about this one?”
It’s true – this night seemed like a carbon copy of last night, except with a lower score. Last night we scored 33 runs, tonight 21. Last night there were 37 hits, tonight there were 31 hits. Last night there were two errors, tonight there were four; there was five, but one got changed to a hit after the game. I really never thought I’d get to see this kind of ending two nights in a row – even down to the really bizarre fielding set up by the A’s (two outfielders, the third in the infield as a fifth infielder) in the bottom of the ninth.
I was there with a friend (Paul, who runs ballparks.com), and his brother. We had a great time, and for the first time in my life that I could ever recall, I had a glove at the game (I was sitting in section 220) – didn’t catch anything though. If you’ve ever visited Paul’s site, you’lll know that the focus on his site is on the parks themselves, and not so much the game. Paul spent a lot of time taking pictures of the place, and was marvelling at the architecture of the Ballpark. He even gave it better reviews than some of the new parks this season which he’s seen, which is high praise considering
One other cool thing – when I was on the 200 level, I got to say hello to Chuck Morgan, the Rangers’ ballpark PA guy (among other things). He invited me and my friends into his booth for a few minutes – that was VERY cool, getting to see Chuck Morgan’s booth, as well as the control room for all the signs, computers, etc in the park. I took pictures (of course), and I’ll be putting those online Tuesday most likely).
That’s about it for me, time to get off the computer and watch Sunday afternoon’s game. Doug Davis, a rookie makes a start, let’s hope he fares better than Oliver & Helling have lately.