G8: Rangers drop first game in Bronx to Yankes, 8-6

It’s the Yankees again – what can I say? We always seem to find a way to lose to them. The Yankees themselves don’t bother me – it’s the fact that we can’t beat them that bothers me.
Actually, I liked the game – went back and forth, and never really totally got out of hand – although it was a sloppy game. Perrenial Ranger killer Bernie Williams killed us again with another home run. I didn’t like that we lost, but I did like that the game was close the whole way along – one of those see-saw games.
Couldn’t watch on TV – listened on the radio, and it appeared that Mr. Whiny (O’Neill) was being his usual self at the plate. Always love when he flares up like that, and even David Cone was getting into the act.
I also liked reading in the DMN this morning about Kenny Rogers getting booed during player introductions, and then tipping his hat to the fans. Wish I could have seen that. :) We seem to be stuck in a Win lose win lose pattern right now. Still early, our division is all right next to each other, probably won’t start to break apart until the end of April, I would think.