G3: Rangers lose to White Sox, 12-8

Day games during the week are always tough for me to deal with, as I don’t usually have time to pay attention to the game. However, I did a little today – I went into the company lounge, turned on the DSS, and sat in the sofa and watched the first two innings of the Ranger game. I had tickets to this game, but couldn’t go because I had no one to go with – everyone I would have taken had to work. :)
Anyway, our pitching wasn’t great again – seems like start of season jitters to me, as our pitching staff was excellent during spring training – people might be trying to prove too many things. At least I hope that’s the case. Our bullpen is already overworked, having used a gob of pitchers the game before, as well as this one. Darren Oliver struggled the whole time he was out there. It appeared he had figured it out, but then fell apart again.
I was listening over the net at my desk, and when I heard that we had loaded the bases for Pudge, I ran into the lounge again to watch the game . Pudge singled, and scored two runs to bring us to just a 7-3 deficit, and then Raffy launched his second three run homer in two days into the Ranger bullpen. I was rather excited at that, and started clapping really loudly. The office manager ran into the lounge, and I thought I was in trouble for making noise, but he wanted to see the replay, as he was listening in his office on the radio. :)
We had brought it all the way back with a 7-7 tie in the bottom of the 8th, but it didn’t last. Zimmerman gave up a solo home run in the top of the 9th, and then the Chisox added a few more, for a 12-7 lead after 8.5. We did pick up a solo home run in the bottom of the 9th by Chad Curtis, but that was it.
A rather disappointing loss, especially after coming back from a 7-1 deficit to tie the game.