G17: Rangers finally win again; 8-3 over Twins

It’s really REALLY nice to see Esteban Loaiza come around to become the pitcher that everyone thought he could be. I know we tried to trade him last season, and now that looks like a great move that it didn’t happen. So far, he’s been our most consistent pitcher this season, as well as the end of last year.. He’s been spectacular so far in 2000, with an ERA of 2.74. He should be 3-0, but he got some low run support, as well as a letdown by John Wetteland. Still, it’s awesome to see him pitch this well, I hope he keeps it up all season, and we sign him to a longer contract than one year at the end of this year.
Matt Perisho finally got into a game, but didn’t do anything to solidify his chances in the Ranger pen once Justin Thompson is ready to come back in a week or so. I’m really starting to wonder who will be here once Thompson is ready. For awhile it seemed like it was an easy choice, trade Mark Clark, but then he pitched well, and now he’s not, and no one from the left side is really dominating in the pen. Will be an interesting choice for Melvin & Oates.
Anyway, it was nice to see us get back into the win column tonight. I really had nightmares in the first inning, when an errant throw by Pudge let two runs score. However, we came back with two home runs in the bottom of the first for a 3-2 lead that we never gave up again. Chad Curtis had a great night, going 2-5 with 4 RBI’s. I’m actually afraid of him doing well, because it will be hard to sit him when Rusty is ready to come back in a month or so. Overall, the team went 11-33, a nice batting average for the evening.
Tomorrow is Darren Oliver & Brad Radke – I’ll be at the game, it looks to be a good one. Hopefully we don’t get rained on. Speaking of rain, boy I hope it doesn’t rain for the Red Sox today – they’ve had three straight rainouts, and if they get another, we’ll get Pedro Martinez. The first two were great, because it meant we’ll miss Pedro, but if they get another today – we’ll get him. :(