G16: Rangers drop 5th in a row; 10-8 game to Twins

You know, I think during the off day we had yesterday, the Yankees came back to town and got dressed up in the Twins uniforms. It certainly felt that way. We went 12-0 last season against the Twins, we beat up on ’em in spring training, everything pointed to a big win by us to get over our 4 game losing streak. However, no one told the Twins. They played like the Yankees, I thought.
I don’t know what it was. Was it Mark Clark? Was it our defense? Was it the new Twins cap? Was it our bullpen? Or was it just the natural law of averages saying “It’s time for the Twins to win one”. Whatever it was, we were roughed up 10-5.
And to make matters worse, Frank Catalanotto went on the DL after this game, which is no good – Mike Lamb was recalled to fill his roster spot.
I’m writing this on Sunday morning, and I’ve got to get read to go to the game today, so I’m going to have to cut this short, but I can’t believe we lost this bad to the Twins. :(