G15: Rangers lose to Yankees, 5-4

It’s Sunday morning as I finally get around to writing this update. After being swept by the Yankees, I quite frankly did not feel like writing this update. Yeah, I’m a fan, and I’m not the kind of fan that gives up on a team, but I felt drained after this series. Then I got too busy on Thursday and Friday at work to write it. I’m sure I could have found the time, but I didn’t really find the desire to write about a third straight Yankees win.
Especially after the way it ended. Pudge came in in the bottom of the ninth, and hit his first ever pinch hit home run – a two run shot off of Mariano Rivera of all people to tie the game. I was jazzed, as I’m sure Jeff Zimmerman was when he promptly gave up a home run in the top of the 10th so the Yankees could beat us.
The good side of this is that we don’t play the Yankees again until August. The bad side is that we play more than we should due to the rainout the other day. :(
Bring on the Twins!