G11: Rangers beat Tribe again, 6-4

An awesome game. Pitching wise, save for one mistake to Jim Thome, we were really top notch. Mark Clark was perfect through the first 11 batters or so, and then he only had one bad inning, giving up a three run home run to Thome. He looked sharp, he looked in control, and was pulled in the 6th while he still had the chance to get the win. Our pitching the rest of the way was great, too. Francisco Cordero, Tim Crabtree, & John Wetteland all gave up no runs following Clark. John Wetteland got his first save of the year (finally). The HR by Thome was his 200th of his career, and the save for Wetteland was his 297th.
On the offensive side, we struck quickly and often in the first inning, putting up five runs. Always nice to see us strike this good so quickly. The five spot turned out to be all we needed for the day, although we added one more later. No home runs at all too which I like. It’s nice to see a five spot without the aid of a longball. Gabe Kapler had two RBI’s, Pudge had two RBI’s, and Luis Alicea had a triple and the Rangers just looked overpowering early.
Hopefully, I can bring out my sweep graphic tomorrow afternoon. :) A short review, as I’m headed out for the afternoon, and wanted to get something in before I went out. :)