ST7: Second game in a row with 8-6 score, this time a loss.

Another spring game not on the radio. :(
This score looks awful familiar. 8-6 in extra innings. Unfortunately today it went the wrong way. We lost to the Red Sox in 11 innings, 8-6. Rick Helling continued his bad trend of last season by giving up two home runs today – he gave up far too many last season in my opinion. Pitching was overall pretty bad today. Helling went three, giving up three hits and three earned runs. Glynn went two giving up two earned runs and hitting a batter. Corey Lee & David Elder both gave up an earned run. Jonathan Johnson & David Sikorski did not, but neither of these figure to be with the big league club when we head north anyway.
We had two errors, one by Scarborough Green and Mike Lamb.
We hit 250 for the day, going 10 for 40 as a team, leaving 6 on base. Our ten hits were spread out all over the place, the only person to have more than one hit was Jon Shave, the other eight were by eight different Rangers. We had two doubles (Evans & Pudge) and a triple (Clayton). A little surprising (to me) speed on the basepaths, with steals by Curtis & Mateo, although Gabe Kapler got caught stealing. Speaking of being all over the place, all six of our runs were batted in by six different Rangers!
Not a whole lot else about this one to say. Disappointing loss (aren’t they all?) – but tomorrow we have a game on the radio again (KRLD). Yay!
If we keep up these losing ways, the Yankees might overtake us in the Grapefruit league standings! :)