ST6: Rangers beat Twins, 8-6, leave 15 on base!

Another spring game not on the radio. :(
Twenty hits. 10 inning win. 5-6 with a HR for the Cat. 4-6 with a 3B for Mike Lamb. Every Ranger pitcher today had at least one K. Those were some of the good things about today’s game.
Fifteen men left on base. 0-4 & an error for Dransfeldt. 3H, 2ER, 1 Inning for Munoz. These were some of the bad things about today’s game.
I don’t have much time to write about today’s game, as I’m leaving the office for the day in a few minutes (tonight’s my bowling night). 20 hits, eh? When I saw that on the line score (before I saw the box score), I thought… “Man, there must have been a lot of blown opportunities for runs”. With 15 men left on base, yeah, I’d say there was. That’s never good. I tend to go on a lot about how spring doesn’t count, but damn.. FIFTEEN? Nice to see the Cat bust out with a really awesome day. Would have been nice to see.
Gotta run, but I wanted to add that it’s always nice to see an extra inning win, instead of an extra inning LOSS!