ST5: Rangers lose again, 3-1 to Devil Rays

Another spring game not on the radio – even if it was, I wouldn’t have been able to pay attention, was busy with work today.
However, a 3-1 score isn’t that terrible of a loss. I just hate ones where we lose giving up more than 5 or 6 runs. We were out-pitched, I’d wager (not having seen or heard the game). Both teams had only 5 hits, although one of Tampa’s was a home run off of Benoit. No dingers for the Rangers today, after going deep five times yesterday.
A pitcher I’m not terribly fond of beat us today, Chad Ogea. Being a lifelong Phillies fan, I’ve kept tabs on them, and Chad was in Philly last year – and was really really bad there. It would be like getting beat by Todd Van Poppel now. :) Mark Clark pitched three scoreless innings, allowing only one hit. I’m really hoping he’ll be the dark horse and pitch really well this year. Last spring, I wished he would do as advertised, which he didn’t. I was a fan of him coming here before, and I’d love for him to do well, although I’m not optimistic.
Of our five hits, two of them came from Royce Clayton, who seems to be stepping up to the challenge of taking over the leadoff spot so far this spring (going 2 for 3 today, but with a caught stealing). The other three were from Luis Alicea, Kelly Dransfeldt, & Ruben Mateo. Of the three runs the DRays scored, only one was earned – there was an error by Tom Evans in there (not seeing a game log, I can’t specifically comment).
Wish I could have seen this on TV, I like pitching duels – although a pitching duel tends to be a bit more boring on the radio. :) Tomorrow is another day for no radio from the Rangers. Next scheduled radio game is Friday.