ST4: Rangers finally win; 13-6 over Red Sox

Figures. Those of you who followed me last season should be familiar with my irritation with Spring training games on the radio being passed aside in favor of (ugh) Dr. Laura. Anyway, today’s one of those days that really pisses me off more. We have a great game like this, and I can’t hear it. For these games that aren’t on the radio, I tend not to write a lot, because my writing usually comes from notes that I’ve taken while watching or listening to the game. Since I can’t listen to this, I can’t say a lot. That annoyance aside…
The Rangers bust out in a big way for our first win of the pre-season with a 13-6 clobbering of the Boston Red Sox. We did it with the long ball, a total of five home runs! Of those five, the highlights were a home run by Luis Alicea off of Pedro Martinez (!), and the other being a grand slam by “Gabe the Babe” (my wife’s term)! The other homers were Raffy off of former Ranger Jeff Fassero, a second home run by Luis Alicea (is he using Royce’s Sam Bat?), and Jason McDonald. Gabe also hit a triple in this game – that’s always cool to see – let’s hope he saves a lot of these for the regular season! :)
From what I can read about the game, it appears that Loaiza pitched well – which is a common theme in the four games so far this pre-season. Our projected starters pitch well in their two innings, then leave. Kenny Rogers is slated to pitch a bit more second time out – let’s see if that holds up.
Tomorrow is another day for no radio from the Rangers – I wonder if we’ll be able to get the feed from the Devil Rays’ radio coverage.