ST2: Rangers out hit by Reds, lose 8-1

Well, we’re now 0-2 after the first two games of the Grapefruit league. Today’s loss came in the form of an 8-1 lackluster effort against the Cincinnati Reds, our regular opponent, it seems. We tend to play the Reds a lot.
I was cleaning the spare bedroom closet today while the game was on, so I didn’t terribly pay attention to the game, but to be honest, from what I heard, it wasn’t worth paying attention to – it just seemed like a half effort from what I heard on the radio. Pitching was just “eh”, and we never got anything going offensive wise. Actually, Helling & Munoz gave up most of the runs, we had a few pitchers in the middle who went scoreless too, but it just “felt” like an “eh” pitching effort. We also seemed to have several defensive miscues in the 8th inning. The Reds had 16 hits – rather a lot, and we only had 8. The one run we did get came in on a double play ball hit by Raffy, I believe.
This seemed to be another game like yesterday, with a big shuffling of players, both off the bench, and in the field. The radio guys made a comment about Johnny Oates “clearing the bench” at one point, and then they seemed to move players around in the field in the later innings, too.
It’s hard to come up with a lot to write when you weren’t paying a lot of attention (I could tell you some of the cool junk I found in my closet, though), and when you turn in a big loss like this. I know, I know – it’s still very early, but it’s never nice to see a loss, no matter how early in March it is. Oh well, better luck tomorrow when we play the Reds again at their park. Should get to hear Junior then – was kind of hoping that’d happen today.