ST20: Rangers lose to Twins 4-2

Yesterday was an eventful day even though the Rangers had their lone “off day” of the season. The new TV contracts were announced (finally), and the 2000 TV Schedule was published (I updated my 2000 Schedule with that). Shortly after the 23-9 game on Tuesday, seven roster changes were made. Lots happening.
Today, we got back into action with a 4-2 loss to the Minnesota Twins. From looking at the box score, today was a somewhat pitcher’s duel – there were total of 15 hits from both teams (Rangers with 6). Each team had an error, although the Rangers error didn’t appear to cost us any runs. Mark Clark on the other hand, went 6 innings, allowing four earned runs and 9 hits. The other two Ranger pitchers (Perisho & Crabtree) didn’t give up anything in their two innings. Mark Clark gave up a long ball in the first for two runs, and then gave up another in the first, and one more was added later.
We lost, but it doesn’t seem like we were in that bad of a condition. We were outpitched it seems, and our pitcher made a couple of small mistakes where theirs didn’t.
From the looks of the score, not having seen or heard the game, it doesn’t look like a game worth getting to bent out of shape over the loss over.